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Premium360 (Comprehensive Detail)

  • Wash (Hand Wash, Vacuum, Steam, Deep Clean, Headliner, Condition Leather/Fabric)
    Detail (Detailer Clay Bar Treatment, Deep wash, application of Ceramic spray coating)


$ 325


$ 350


$ 400

Premium360 (Interior or Exterior)

  • Interior or Exterior Comprehensive Detailing


$ 200


$ 225


$ 275

INTERIOR / Features

  • Vacuum & Steam: Seats, Carpet, Trunk or Cargo Area
  • Clean & Dress: Dash, Vents, Instruments & Trim
  • Clean All Cloth & Leather Surfaces
  • Deep Clean & Sanitize: Seats, Carpet, Floor Mats & Cargo Area
  • Condition Leather/Fabric protect cloth & carpet
  • Headliner Spot Clean
  • Clean/Stream Door Jambs
  • Clean Windows

EXTERIOR / Features

  • Hand Wash & Dry
  • Detailers Clay Bar Treatment
  • Dry Door Jambs/Mirror/Door Handles
  • Application of Protectant Sealer Wax
  • Deep Clean & Dress Rims & Tires
  • Clean Windows Inside & Outside

Premium Add-Ons

About Premium360 Auto Spa Center

AutoStream360 knows vehicles inside and out, and more importantly how to restore them to near-mint condition in every conceivable capacity. Each service we offer is 5-star and backed by our guarantee for unparalleled service, as well as the testimony of real and happy customers. Our Premium360 Auto Spa Center is no different. We pride ourselves on our skilled professionals and their ability to transform a veritable trash heap on wheels into a spotless pinnacle of cleanliness. Because after 30 years of dedicated service, we at AutoStream360 understand better than anyone that sometimes life happens to our vehicles as often as it does to us. From pet-shaped fur nests on the seats to exteriors caked in mud – no blemish stands a chance against our in-house Premium360 Auto Spa Center.

Consistent attention to your vehicle’s cleanliness is as vital to retaining its condition and market value as routine maintenance. To this end, AutoStream360 offers a variety of different sized packages, from small to medium to large, that are hand-tailored to fit the needs of your vehicle. Our Premium360 Auto Spa process is designed at its core to provide expert cleaning and detailing down to the nooks and crannies with comprehensive detailing. All while giving you the most optimal savings on money and time.

The first option includes Premium360 Interior or Exterior Comprehensive Detailing. The Interior detailing starts with a thorough vacuuming and hot steam cleanse of the seats, carpets, and trunk or cargo area. Next comes the Clean & Dress, which includes cleaning the dash, vents, instruments, and trim – the aforementioned nooks and crannies, as it were. All cloth and leather surfaces are detailed as well. Then the entire interior is deep cleaned and sanitized with careful precision, followed by a conditioning of the leather or fabric designed to protect cloth and carpet. The headliner spot, door jams, and windows are cleaned thoroughly as well.

The Exterior-only service features a full hand wash of the exterior with foam soap designed especially for automotive care, removing everything from grime to dust to splattered bugs. This is followed by a clay bar treatment, in which accumulated impurities and contaminants that slowly corrode the vehicle are removed from its surface with a specialized resin mixture. Then the exterior is air dried clean (as opposed to squeegeed, which can leave scratches). Door jambs, mirrors and door handles are also hand washed and dried. A deep clean and dress is also performed on the rims and tires. Finally the process is completed with an application of H10 Ceramic360 Spray Coating to protect the exterior from dirt, grime, and rust for up to 5 months, and is applied to all Premium360 Auto Spa details.

Last but certainly not least, AutoStream360 offers the Premium360 Comprehensive Detail, a “cover-all” option so to speak, which comes in 2 parts: Wash and Detail. The Wash comes with a hand wash, steam, deep clean, headliner, and a conditioning. The Detail includes the detailer clay bar treatment, deep wash, application of Ceramic spray coating , and of course a spray with the Ceramic360 spray coating. It’s a basic service that covers both interior and exterior, which is perfect for less serious conditions or simple routine maintenance.

The Premium360 service also gives you the option to include several premium add-ons that you can tack onto any detailing service that do even more to bring your car closer to perfection. This includes headlight restoration, engine rinse and dress, pet hair removal, hot steam treatments for carpets, as well as deodorizing and disinfecting with FogIt for the deepest possible odor removal.

Suffice it to say that AutoStream360 has all you covered at every angle, from full-fledged auto body repair to deep cleaning the nitty-gritties. It really is a one-stop shop for all your auto repair and detailing needs, so why wait? Bring your vehicle into AutoStream360 today for the detailing of its life that will leave it looking as crisp as can be, or whatever else it may need!