How To Pick the Right Auto Body Shop For Collision Repair

How To Pick the Right Auto Body Shop For Collision Repair

A vehicle is more than just a vehicle. It’s a valuable asset that doubles as your personal and financial lifeline. For this reason, it’s imperative to select the right auto body shop for collision repair. But with so many options nowadays it’s not easy to make the right decision, so here’s a few things to consider when you make that choice.

Know what customers are saying

First and foremost, pay attention to what people are saying about an auto body shop. Customer opinions reflect the quality of service far better than well-placed advertisements and pretty websites, so online business reviews are always a good place to start.

For the most part, you know what you’re getting with big companies: impersonal, large-scale operations. With smaller collision repair shops however, word-of-mouth is everything. Ask family, friends, and peers what they recommend. For a more knowledgeable opinion, you may also want to consult your mechanic since they already deal with a number of auto body shops on a regular basis.

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Qualification & experience are key

Even if the customer reviews for an auto body repair shop look good, it can still be a shot in the dark if they don’t have the right credentials.

If an auto body shop advertises that it’s been doing business for decades, especially through a world-wide quarantine and the consequential plummet in driving, it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing. Years of operation speaks volumes about the quality of their services, as well as how they run their business and treat customers as a whole.

You should also ensure that the shop has the right qualifications to be performing certain collision repairs. If so, you can typically count on their website to display this fact with pride since it assures the value of their service. 

Don’t hesitate to ask questions

Providing clients with answers and peace of mind is a big part of operating an auto body repair shop. What’s important is that you know everything you need about the people with whom you’ll be entrusting your vehicle.

Such questions might include what their current turnaround time is, what you can expect from their estimation process, and what measures they’ve taken to ensure the safety of your vehicle in-house. You might also ask about the warranties they offer, what insurances they work with, and whether their technicians are certified through reputable means, though collision repair companies tend to be very up-front about this information.

Location, location, location

Although it might seem like a minor detail, the location of an auto body shop can make a world of difference. For one, a shop’s location can affect their pricing in a huge way. The same service at one place might cost double at another if it’s located in a high-traffic or up-and-coming neighborhood, for example.

Furthermore, location can also determine how safe your vehicle is in the shop’s hands. If a service center is in a high-crime area, it doesn’t mean they do bad work. It simply testifies to the importance of figuring out what security measures they’ve taken and whether they have fire and theft policies in place.

Listen to your heart

Last but not least, go with your gut on the final say of your selection. Customers and companies can rave all day long about great service, but if your intuition says it’s a no-go for you then don’t do it. There’s a lot of options out there, so you can be confident that the auto body repair shop that fits the needs of you and your vehicle is always just around the corner. When it comes to your vehicle, never settle for less.