Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

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Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a method of dent removal that is beginning to replace large-scale traditional dent repair, so long as the paint remains undisturbed. In the past, PDR was only used only for small to medium dents and minor hail damage. Since then, PDR technology has advanced astronomically, using specialized tools to reshape larger dents in the metal using precisely applied pressure. In doing so, the original paint and body of the vehicle are preserved, ensuring the maximum value of the vehicle. In the skilled hands of AutoStream360’s certified technicians, these NexGen tools are guaranteed to make your car look as though there had never been any dents to begin with!

As a Colorado company, AutoStream360 has repaired more than its fair share of damage caused by the wrath of the elements. Really any Coloradan, native or otherwise, can attest to the fickle nature of the weather. From hailstones as large as tennis balls to debris hurled across highways by 100 mph winds, the need for automotive repair is as inevitable as the rising sun. For this reason, AutoStream360 is equipped for all manner of minor and major paintless dent repair.   

We fix:

  • Hail Damage
  • Large Extreme Dent Repair
  • Door Dings
  • Minor Creases
  • Bodylines Damage

The PDR Process

As paintless dent repair technology continues to improve, it is becoming a far more favorable option than traditional dent repair, and for a good reason. Painting a foreign coat of paint over a sculpted body filler is expensive and weakens the original integrity of the vehicle, lowering its overall market value. As a result, this method is typically reserved for more serious damage, or if the dents are too deep. However, as PDR technology is further enhanced and refined, so too is its ability to repair increasingly large dents and dings. For this reason, AutoStream360 uses only the latest and most advanced PDR equipment known as NexGenPro Miracle Technology.  

Another advantage of paintless dent repair is that it requires less labor overall, which equates to lower severity dollars. In truth, it’s a relatively simple process with the right tools and well-trained personnel. The first step of the paintless dent repair for hail damage is to  remove panels when necessary to access from the backside . Working from behind the dents, AutoStream360 PDR Master Technicians are able to use specialized NexGen tools to gently flex the damaged metal. Meanwhile, LED lighting designed for PDR is reflected against the panel to ensure that the factory curvature and the damaged area are even and indistinguishable. 

As for the paint, today’s urethane paints are more flexible than ever, so they are more resistant to cracking. However, a new coat will never be as resistant as the original – yet another reason that traditional dent removal is so problematic. With the experienced guidance of AutoStream360’s skilled technicians, we can manipulate the metal in a way that completely removes the dent without the risk of inflicting additional damage to the factory paint. PDR guarantees a flawless surface with the original factory finish on your vehicle, giving you the peace of mind that its value will be utterly untarnished. 

To summarize, the reasons that paintless dent repair is preferable to traditional methods are:

  • It’s more cost effective
  • It restores original factory parts to their original condition
  • It retains the factory coat of paint
  • It maintains the market value of your vehicle 


But why AutoStream360?

Because we’re made up entirely of highly trained and experienced specialists? Perhaps. Because we use only the most advanced technology to remove dents and dings like magic? Maybe. But the most important reason of all is that we care about our customers, and we will always treat your vehicle with the same care and dedication as we would our own. So, if you’re in need of paintless dent repair, you can rest assured that your car is in good hands when it’s with AutoStream360!

Paintless Dent Repair Specials
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All repairs include interior and exterior detail with our ceramic360 graphene spray coating
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Dent Estimate Guide

6920 S Jordan Rd Suite B, Centennial, CO 80112

Dent Estimate Guide

Multiple dents

The base price depends on the repair cost of the largest dent. To repair other dents located on the same panel, we will only charge a mere 50% of this price per dent.

Aluminium Panels

Aluminum panels require more specialized training. Because of this, repairing them calls for a 25% increase to the base price.

Body Line Dents

The Body Line is what gives vehicles their distinguishing curves and contours. It’s harder than other parts of the panel, making repairs more difficult. As such, they add an additional 25% per dent, depending on sharpness.

R & I (Removal and Installation)

Prices for R & I interior panels, headliners, tall lamps, etc. are not included in the dent pricing above. To gain access to the backside of a dent, the removal and installation of these panels may be needed, requiring more time and labor. R & I is charged at $55 per hour.

Please refer to the Hail Damage pricing guide. No insurance? No problem! Call or click today to schedule a FREE estimate.

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