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When your windshield or other auto glass starts cracking like sheets of ice, it’s not always clear when to bring it in for repair or when it’s beyond all hope. At the time, it might just seem easier to ignore. Luckily, chips and small cracks from rocks and other road debris don’t necessarily mean the end of your windshield, as long as you get them looked at sooner than later. In most cases, those that are smaller than the size of a penny can be sealed and repaired without compromising your auto glass. If accumulated damage is allowed to continue, a quick repair can become an expensive replacement, and more importantly, a serious safety hazard. Thank goodness AutoStream360 has your back!

The 360AutoGlass Customer Service Guarantee

AutoStream360 wouldn’t be much of an auto repair center if it ONLY offered auto body repair, would it? That’s why we’re proud to present our auto glass repair & replace service, otherwise known as 360AutoGlass! But what separates our service from the competition?
Whether your windshield is damaged beyond repair or just has a small crack that won’t stop cracking, you can trust the auto glass professionals at 360AutoGlass to help! We only use the highest quality auto glass and materials that meet or exceed Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) industry standards. To make matters better, 360AutoGlass is partnered with all insurance companies, ensuring that you have a smooth experience when you need to get your windshield repaired or replaced.

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Do you REPAIR or REPLACE car glass?​

Generally, if a chip or crack is smaller than 1 inch in circumference and doesn’t go all the way through the glass, in most cases it can be repaired. This is the preferable situation, as auto glass repairs are far less costly than installing replacements. What’s more, repairs can be performed with swiftness and precision in the hands of our skilled experts, taking as little as 30 minutes to complete! The process starts with your auto glass being cleared of all of the tiny shards around the chip or crack. Then the blemishes are filled with resin and left to harden under UV, resulting in nothing less than an absolutely flawless repair. It takes so little time in fact, that you don’t even need to schedule an appointment, so long as it meets the criteria for repair. Alas, we can’t always be so lucky, and sometimes things are worse than they seem. On the bright side, 360AutoGlass provides expert and affordable auto glass replacement as well!
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Advance Driver Assistence Systems

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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (otherwise known as ADAS) is an umbrella term used to describe emerging technologies for modern windshields designed to maximize your safety and that of your vehicle. Even so, all this advancing technology calls for a higher caliber of technician training, as well as better tools and bandwidth used by auto body repair shops.
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems is the new standard for modern windshields, which is why we have designed 360AutoGlass to be the new standard for ADAS repair. But what makes ADAS so complex, and what exactly is it?
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems incorporates inputs from a web of sensors and cameras installed into the windshield. They assist with difficult parking, monitoring blind spots, and keeping our driving aligned and safe. However, due to the sensitive nature of the technology, repairs that successfully return the system to maximum effectiveness depends on the pin-point accuracy of the windshield’s alignment. Suffice it to say that having an expert touch is imperative to maximizing your safety while minimizing the risk to your vehicle.
Luckily, part of the 360AutoGlass process is tailored to make such repairs, regardless of year, make, or model.


There’s one question we all have when we first notice that cheeky little sliver creep across the windshield: why bother? It’s just one more vehicle-related pain in the neck to deal with after all, right?
Turns out, damaged auto glass goes deeper than merely worsening the financial cost; it’s a blatant safety hazard. In fact, driving with certain amounts of auto glass damage can be a punishable offense depending on what state you live in. Big cracks and chips are a far more significant obstruction to visibility than they’re given credit for, and they have a tendency to worsen while you’re on the road.
Then what if they do worsen while you aren’t prepared? Well, believe it or not there will one day be that piece of debris in the wrong place or small collision at the wrong time before the windshield shatters to pieces and particles of glass that will put you in bodily danger. And of course, even the slightest crack on Advanced Driver Assistance windshields is capable of causing the entire system to malfunction or collapse. Instead, take the safe route and keep yourself safe by bringing your vehicle to 360AutoGlass for quick and effective auto glass repairs whenever you need them.

So why

When you need a preventative repair or even if the next flying rock could be your windshield’s last, you can trust the auto glass professionals at 360AutoGlass to get the job done with expert precision and unmatched customer service! So why 360AutoGlass rather than all the other guys?

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Along with more than 30 years of experience, 360AutoGlass has the skill, equipment, and training to repair or replace your auto glass quickly, efficiently, and hassle-free.

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We only use the highest quality auto glass and materials that meet or exceed Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) industry standards.

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We partner with all insurance companies so that getting your auto glass repaired or replaced is as effortless as possible.

So, feel confident placing your trust in the 360AutoGlass professionals for all your auto glass needs, getting you back on the road with your vehicle at its best!

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